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Stacey attends the CIMER workshop to become a trained facilitator of the Entering Research curriculum

July 2019


Adam McFall wins second place for his poster presentation at Discover USC 2019 in Columbia, SC.


Congratulations to Adam McFall on presenting the research he completed with the Lance Lab as his undergraduate capstone research project at USC-Aiken!

Effects of the herbicide triclopyr on the behavior and physiology of juvenile frogs

Lance Lab in the News


Toxic toads can tolerate environmental contaminants

Spring Course 2019

Ecological Developmental Biology and Ecotoxicology

Society for Integrated & Comparative Biology Annual Meeting 2019


Environmental Factors Outweigh Community Ecology in Ranavirus Transmission

Austin Coleman, Andrew Park, Krista Capps, David Scott, and Stacey Lance - Talk


Investigating Potential Ranavirus Reservoirs

Julie L. Ziemba, Stacey L. Lance, and Krista A. Capps - Poster


DNA Methylation Patterns in Amphibian Populations with Differing Contaminant Exposure Histories

Cara N. Love, Wes Flynn, and Stacey L. Lance - Poster

Research 2019

Cuban Tree Frog Jumping and Feeding Trials!