Selected Publications

To see Stacey Lance’s complete publication list you can look at her record on Google Scholar. (names in bold indicate current or former members of the Lance Lab)


Weir SM, Yu S, Scott DE, Lance SL (In Press) Acute toxicity of copper to larval stages of three Ambystomatid salamanders. Ecotoxicology

Zajdel J, Parrott BB, Rainwater T, Wilkinson P, Lance SL. (2019) Mating dynamics and multiple paternity in a long-lived vertebrate. Ecology and Evolution.

Hinton TG, Byrne ME, Webster SC, Love CN, Broggio D, Trompier F, Shamovich D, Horloogin S, Lance SL, Brown J, Dowdall M, Beasley JC. (2019) GPS-coupled contaminant monitors on free-ranging Chernobyl wolves challenge fundamental assumptions in exposure risk assessments. Submitted to Environment International 133:105152.

Flynn RW, Love CN, Coleman A, Lance SL (2019) Variation in metal tolerance associated with population exposure history in Southern toads (Anaxyrus terrestris). Aquatic Toxicology 207: 163-169.

Prater C, Scott DE, Lance SL, Nuniziata SO, Sherman R, Tomczyk N, Capps KA, Jeyasingh PD (2019) Understanding variation in salamander ionomes: A nutrient balance approach. Freshwater Biology. 64:294-305.

Smith LL, Subalusky AL, Atkinson CL, Earl JE, Mushet DM, Scott DE, Lance SL, Johnson SA (2019) Biological connectivity of seasonally ponded wetlands across spatial and temporal scales. Journal of the American Water Resource Association 55:334-353.


Rumrill CT, Scott DE, Lance SL (2018) Delayed effects and complex life cycles: How the larval aquatic environment influences terrestrial performance and survival. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 37:2660-2669.

Byrne M, Webster SC, Lance SL, Love CN, Hinton TG, Shamovich D, Beasley JC (2018) Evidence of long-distance dispersal of a gray wolf from the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. European Journal of Wildlife Research 64:39.

Hernandez, FA, Parker BM, Plyant CL, Smyser TJ, Piaggio AJ, Lance SL, Milleson MP, Austin JD, Wisely SM (2018) Invasion ecology of wild pigs (Sus scrofa) in Florida, USA: the role of humans in the expansion and colonization of an invasive wild ungulate. Biological Invasions 20:1865-1880.

Winzeler ME, Haskins D, Lance SL, Tuberville TD (2018) Survey of aquatic turtles on the Savannah River Site, SC for presence of ranavirus. Journal of Wildlife Diseases 54:138-141.


Somers C, Graham CF, Martino JA, Frasier TR, Lance SL, Gardiner LE, Poulin RG (2017) Conservation genetics of the eastern yellow-bellied racer (Coluber constrictor)and bullsnake (Pituophis catenifer sayi): river valleys are critical features for snakes at northern range limits. PLOS One12(11), e0187322.

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O’Bryhim JR, Adams DH, Spaet JLY, Mills G, Lance SL (2017) Relationships of mercury concentrations across tissue types, muscle regions and fins for two shark species. Environmental Pollution223:323-333.

Nunziata SOLance SL, Scott DE, Lemmon EM, Weisrock D (2017) Genomic data detect corresponding signatures of very recent population size trends in two salamander species impacted by climate change. Molecular Ecology26:1060-1074.

O’Bryhim JR, Parsons ECM, Lance SL (2017) Forensic species identification of elasmobranch products being sold in Costa Rican markets. Fisheries Research186:144-150.


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Graham CF, Eberts RL, Morgan TD, Boreham DR, Lance S, Manzon RG, Martino JA, Rogers SM, Wilson JY, Somers CM (2016) Fine scale ecological and genetic population structure of two whitefish (Coregoninae) species in the vicinity of industrial thermal emissions. PLoS ONEe0146656.

Weir SM, Scott DE, Salice CJ, Lance SL (2016) Integrating copper toxicity and climate change to understand extinction risk to two species of pond-breeding anurans. Ecological Applications26:1721-1732.

Webster SC, Byrne ME, Lance SL, Love CL, Hinton T, Shamovich D, Beasley JC (2016) Where the wild things are: influence of radiation on the distribution of mammalian species within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment14:185-190.